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PSSR Inspections for a secure workspace and safe practices.

PSSR Inspection Services

Step into a realm where safety and operational excellence are personalised for your pressure systems with our Pressure Systems Safety Regulations (PSSR) inspection service.

Crafted with dedication and attention, our service goes beyond legal compliance, it’s a commitment to exceeding industry standards. Trust us for a comprehensive approach that places the safety, compliance, and efficiency of your pressure systems at the forefront, ensuring they’re treated with the care and expertise they deserve.

A Holistic Approach

Our PSSR inspection service surpasses routine checks, offering a meticulously crafted and comprehensive solution to address the intricacies of various pressure systems, covering vessels, pipelines, and accessories for optimal safety and functionality.

Ensuring Compliance

A primary objective of our PSSR inspection service is to guarantee strict adherence to legal obligations and industry regulations. Through our meticulous inspections, your operations involving pressure systems are positioned to meet and exceed the stringent requirements outlined by PSSR.

Exceeding Industry Standards

Our service goes beyond compliance, ensuring your pressure systems not only meet regulations but also exemplify industry best practices. Welcome to a new benchmark for safety and excellence.

Why Choose Our PSSR Inspection Service

Welcome to our Pressure Systems Safety Regulations (PSSR) inspection service, where precision and attention to detail are paramount. Our commitment extends to a thorough examination of each pressure system component, ensuring compliance and fostering confidence in your regulatory standing.


Precision and Detail

Benefit from a meticulous examination of each component in your pressure system, ensuring precision and attention to detail.

Thorough Compliance

Our commitment extends to a comprehensive assessment, ensuring compliance with PSSR for your complete peace of mind.

Safety Mechanisms

We scrutinise the effectiveness of safety mechanisms to guarantee optimal functionality in all operational scenarios.

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Detailed Reporting

Our inspections culminate in detailed reports that provide a comprehensive overview of the identified hazardous substances, exposure levels, and the effectiveness of control measures. Clear documentation of any issues found and recommendations for improvement is included. Transparent communication ensures you have a thorough understanding of your workplace’s status concerning hazardous substances.

Embark on a journey toward enhanced workplace health and regulatory compliance with our COSHH inspection service. Trust us to safeguard your workforce and create a workplace environment that prioritises health and safety.

Smarter Inspections

Digitise inspections with our online portal, saving time, eliminating duplication, and simplifying result tracking.

Inspect Offline

Use our reporting system offline for on-site inspections, syncing data upon return for accurate and streamlined remote inspections.

Ensure Compliance

Ensure a safer working environment for your business. Our intuitive reports support ongoing LOLER and PUWER compliance effortlessly.

Equipment That Requires A PSSR Inspection

Below is a list of some equipment that would require regular scheduled PSSR inspections.

Pressure Vessels

Pressure vessels, which includes tanks, reactors, and heat exchangers, are subject to regular and thorough examination in a PSSR inspection for operational integrity and compliance.

Pressure Accessories

In a PSSR inspection, pressure accessories such as valves, safety valves, and relief devices undergo meticulous scrutiny to ensure compliance and optimal functionality.


In the scope of a PSSR inspection, pipelines associated with pressure equipment undergo thorough scrutiny to ensure their integrity, compliance, and seamless functionality within the pressure system.


Steam boilers and associated equipment are a key focus in PSSR inspections, ensuring thorough examination for operational integrity and compliance.

Pressure Gauges

Pressure gauges and instruments used for monitoring and controlling pressure are assessed in PSSR inspections.


Compressors, which compress gases, undergo evaluation in PSSR inspections for safety and compliance.

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At ANC Access LTD / RAXTAR we have used JGSIS for over 5 years to carry out our 6 monthly independent thorough examinations and also all our slinging equipment and yard accessories there have a vast knowledge and highly skilled , they work to a high standard whilst also working to the best standards in safety . There is never a job to small and will always try to accommodate you even at the shortest notice . Having access to ESiNet is superb for the certification and coverage. I would highly recommend JGSIS for any of your inspection requirements.

Brett Dixon Contracts Manager
ANC Access UK Ltd

The JG statutory Inspections team demonstrated exceptional expertise and professionalism during the comprehensive inspection of our equipment at McLaren Construction. Their meticulous attention to detail assured us of the highest standards in safety and operational integrity. By employing an all-encompassing solution with ESiNet, JG statutory Inspections adeptly captured every detail of our equipment and accessories, thereby significantly enhancing our confidence and enabling us to maintain seamless operations with utmost efficiency.

Shayne Stirling Group Lifting Operation Manager
McLaren Construction

At Falcon Tower Crane Services, we have been using JG Statutory Inspection Services to complete Independent Thorough Examination on our fleet of fast erecting tower cranes at subsequent installation. In a marketplace full of varied equipment, from numerous makes and models, it has always been a requirement to have knowledgeable and competent engineers, with industry experience, completing the inspections. JG Statutory Inspection Services have proven themselves to be highly skilled and diligent in the completion of their inspections. Feedback from inspection is always delivered precisely and promptly. The engineers will go above and beyond to familiarise themselves with all equipment prior to inspection and their work is completed diligently and without compromise. We would recommend JG Statutory Inspection Services for any statutory inspection requirements.

Pete McCord Self Erecting Tower Crane Works Manager
Falcon Tower Crane Services Ltd

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