Membership Plans

Essential Plan

Tier 1
  • Evaluation and documentation of competency
  • Additional competency training available at an agreed cost
  • Inclusion in the ESiNet network list for enhanced accessibility
  • Business listing on the ESiNet members' website

Enhanced Plan

Tier 2
  • All Essential Plan benefits
  • Access to the ESiNet Community for technical assistance (including a dedicated WhatsApp group)
  • Regular updates on technical information
  • Access to the ESiNet document suite of Risk Assessments and Method Statements (RAMS) and policies
  • Encouragement and support for social media engagement with ESiNet
  • Promotional opportunities within the ESiNet network
  • Assistance with gaining membership to industry-related trade bodies
  • Business promotion on the ESiNet webpage and membership directory
  • Invitation to the ESiNet Annual General Meeting

Premium Plan

Tier 3
  • All Enhanced Plan benefits
  • Division with 3 Licenses for Motion Kinetic Software. Once you are on the reporting platform you can send jobs to different engineers and also your clients have a customer portal. This is probably something that would be more beneficial once you are up and running

Why Become A Member?

Unlock a world of benefits by becoming a member! Join our community and gain access to exclusive resources, expert insights, and a supportive network. Elevate your industry knowledge, enhance your skills, and enjoy the collective strength of like-minded professionals. Membership with us is your gateway to success and continual growth.

Our Team

Become part a a committed team.


Personal and business support for members


Camaraderie and a ‘in it together’ feel to the work environment

Gain Access To Our

Detailed Reporting System

Our inspections culminate in detailed reports that provide a comprehensive overview of the identified hazardous substances, exposure levels, and the effectiveness of control measures. Clear documentation of any issues found and recommendations for improvement is included. Transparent communication ensures you have a thorough understanding of your workplace’s status concerning hazardous substances.

Embark on a journey toward enhanced workplace health and regulatory compliance with our COSHH inspection service. Trust us to safeguard your workforce and create a workplace environment that prioritises health and safety.

Smarter Inspections

Digitise inspections with our online portal, saving time, eliminating duplication, and simplifying result tracking.

Inspect Offline

Use our reporting system offline for on-site inspections, syncing data upon return for accurate and streamlined remote inspections.

Ensure Compliance

Ensure a safer working environment for your business. Our intuitive reports support ongoing LOLER and PUWER compliance effortlessly.

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